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General Orthopaedics


Dr. Jeevan Pereira is a recognized expert in assessing, diagnosing, and treating bone, joint, and muscle needs.

General orthopaedics is an speciality derived from surgery focused on the comprehensive and coordinated treatment of a variety of orthopaedic conditions and helps people dealing with a range of musculoskeletal issues. Doctors who work in this area of surgery are referred to as orthopaedicians. They have undergone extensive training in the treatment of disorders and injuries that affect the children as well as adults.

General orthopaedicians help evaluate, treat, and manage patients with fractures who may need surgery or non-surgical management. Whether the problem is in the knee, spine, hip, or another joint, an orthopaedist can offer orthopaedic care that is tailored to the goals. Orthopaedic treatments, with the goal of restoring a patient’s mobility, function, and quality of life.

Are you experiencing bone grinding in your joints or bone on bone pain? If joint preservation techniques haven’t alleviated your pain, joints damaged by severe arthritis are often treated with total joint replacement surgery as a last resort.

When Should I Seek Treatment From a General Orthopaedic Surgeon?
Orthopaedic conditions can result in a variety of symptoms. Pay attention to these symptoms so when you meet with a doctor, you can provide him or her with detailed information regarding your pain. People with orthopaedic problems sometimes report symptoms such as:
 Chronic pain
 Difficulty sleeping due to muscle or bone related pain
 Bent bones, Muscle related problems in relation to development
 Limited range of motion of the ankle, knee, hip, or another joint
 Pain that gets worse, not better
If any of these symptoms seem familiar, you may have one of the following orthopaedic issues:
 Arthritis
 Bunions
 Deformity
 Fracture
 Bone infections
What to Expect With Orthopaedic Specialist.
​After a thorough assessment, which may include electrodiagnostic medicine or on-site imaging (including X-ray, MRI, and bone density scans), Dr.Pereira will work with you to determine a course of treatment. The Doctor always considers nonsurgical treatment before recommending surgery, such as medication, physical therapy with one of our certified physical therapists.

When orthopaedic surgery is necessary, utilizing and employing the latest techniques in performing advanced procedures for simple and complex needs to help restore your function.

Communited Fracture Humerus in a child united following intervention
Excessive Valgus knee in a 18year old corrected following osteotomy
Tallus neck fracture very prone for avascular necrosis- managed by surgery
Total Hip Replacement
Total hip replacement in an ankylosed hip
Total knee replacement in tricompartmental varus osteoarthritic knee
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